Today I wanted to expand on my first blog, I feel I focused too much on struggles. Yes my blog will mostly be about the difficulties of diabetes and motherhood but it will have positive moments too (mostly motherhood).

2cb474c65a7a48d7dbe2f0a6f7711714With that being said, I’m sure every mother and father have all said they grow so fast and other times it doesn’t go fast enough. Like right at the moment my daughter is hungry at 10 pm but other than this moment she has been calm and quiet today. I’m sure every parent knows the rollercoaster moods of kids lol.

So on that note I’m done rambling for now and I would love to hear from you guys positive or negative moments or any advice on what topic I could cover. ♥♥ Thanks in advance for the support




  First time blogger so please bear with me.  Let me start with a little bit about myself.  I’m diabetic, was diagnosed at about 10 years old.  It has been a struggle since day one, from lows to highs, as well as needles, diets, and among other things. In addition to being a diabetic I’m also a mother of a four-year old girl. Though she is my whole world she can drive me bonkers lol. Between the pick eater( Her), the low carb dieting(me) and life itself it’s a battle. Having said that I am hoping for some advice, distressing moments or anything you care to share. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Again related to my difficulties or not. 🙂